Mie N Yu

Sometimes, I sit back and remember the good old days. I scratch my gray old-man's beard and say, "Oh, I remember when it only took an hour to get halfway around the Beltway" Or, "In the good ole days, we didn't need no color for our video games, oh, no!" Or, "Ha! In my day, eating Pop Rocks and drinking Coke was downright dangerous!" It's only useful to do this remembering when someone's actually looking, of course. Today, I'm stuck on, "Back in the day, men and women didn't go to the bathroom together!"

The Brunette and I went for a nice walk at lunch. We crossed the bridge into Georgetown and shoved our way through the madding crowds. Boy, those crowds definitely drive me mad when I'm hungry. Uncertain of where to stop, we drifted into a nice looking establishment called Mie N Yu. The place was welcoming and mildly strange, an Ikea take on Far Eastern mystery. Water flowed from taps into barrels, tables were generally two-seaters, and cloth was draped everywhere. We liked it.

Until we had to visit the little blogger’s room. Oh, sure, we’re adults. We can take a little oddity in stride. We’ve been around the block. But, in my day, the block had separate rooms for women and men to do their thing. At the bottom of the steps we encountered more barrels, this time full of rocks, obviously intended to be used for hand-washing. But there was no door. Not a door with a stick figure woman, not a door with a leering matador, not a door with a wee nipper on the pot.

It was scary, but I can grow. Really. Any way, as my wife says, it could just be a fad. Maybe it will just go away.

At any rate, the food was stupendous, if a little expensive. There wasn't a lot on the menu, but everything sounded good to me. I had the Cuban pork sandwich, which had a good texture as well as a good flavour. The pickles were crunchy and the ciabatta bread was toasted just right. It came with french fries that were cooked well, as well. My wife's fried rice had well-distributed flavours. (I didn't touch it -- seafood, ewwww!) The only food complaint was that the drinks were not refilled, but the quality of the food far outweighed the small hiccup in service.

And as far as bathrooms go, I can hold it all the way from work and back, if I think of the desert. The really big disappointment was that the name had nothing to do with the Animaniacs.

(Okay, so most restaurant reviews include more item information, but those reviews are based on several visits over a period of time. This restaurant "report" is about a single restaurant visit instance. Compile multiple reports to obtain a true overview of the restaurant's quality.)


I've added the ability to comment! And, I'm testing quotes!
This is something I've wanted to say for a while:



Hi! Welcome to my new blog. Thought I'd get in on this cool techie action. The purpose of this activity is to see if I have it in me to keep up with daily (or at least regular) posting and to see if anyone else out there is interested in my experiences with:

Biking to work
Studying to be RUP certified
Configuration Management

Of course, since this is a personal blog, I get to talk about whatever I like, so the major topics can (and certainly will!) change.