DC Metro Parking Fiasco

What Did Taleswapper Forget Today?
His SmarTrip Card

When did Taleswapper realize he had forgotten his only method of leaving the Metro parking lot?
When he drove into the Grosvenor parking lot.

Who is Taleswapper mad at?
Of course, he left his valuable SmarTrip card at home and didn't pause to thing about how he was going to pay for parking before he entered the lot, so he's blaming Metro. Who else?

And why is that?
Because there is no reasonable excuse for a transportation system to be so backward that its payment method costs more than the payment itself. I've had to join the ranks of all the poor, uninformed tourists who park in Metro lots only to find that they've had to lay out $5 for a one-use piece of plastic. Disgraceful, especially in a city that is harder for tourists to drive in than any other in the US ( other than Boston). I see them every week at Greenbelt station, and I feel their pain. The paper Metro card system already exists; why not use it for parking, too? These folks do it right.

Is that all?
Oh, and the stupid machines won't take twenty dollar bills. What do most people have available after a trip to the ATM? Twenty dollar bills. Sheesh.

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