1:18 There's a stretch of US 50 that we're starting to become very familiar with. Just across the South River, heading toward Annapolis, there's a little spot in the road we like to call our home-away-from-home. This spring, we had a flat tire. This weekend, we drifted to a stop just about the same place. This time our engine was dead.

Can you tell from looking at it what's wrong? Me neither, but when you stop on the shoulder, you have to open your hood. It's some kind of basic instinct, I think, no matter how little you understand the diabolical inner workings of the American engine. It's also some sort of requirement that a cop stop by, shine his flashlight in the engine compartment, and shake his head. Yup, that sucker's deader'n a door nail.

The representative of the American Automobile Association took 1 hour and 27 minutes to respond to our plight. We will find out today what is the matter with the grape. Meanwhile, I'm dreaming of Jaguars and Minis.

  • 6:46 - 7:04 Bike to Greenbelt station
  • 7:10 - 7:58 Metro to Medical Center (via Fort Totten)
  • 7:58 - 8:04 Walk to site
If the weather could be like this every day, it would be a lot easier to get on the bike. Just cool enough to see your breath, yet not so cold as to require gloves. Ahhhh. And it looks like a second day of beautiful blue.

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