And It Killed Superman, Too!

Many of you may know that I bike down to the Metro station occasionally. I haven't yet decided whether or not to get one of those nifty bike boxes, so I've been locking my bike to the annoying bike racks at the station. For the safety of my bicycle (and those around me), I use a Kryptonite lock. I bought it in Glasgow after my previous bike was stolen from a busy street corner. (It had been "protected" by a simple cable lock.)

Now, I find out that the Kryptonite lock can be picked using a cheap bic pen. Oi. Luckily, Kryptonite sent me an email telling me they'd exchange my lock for free:

If you have a Kryptonite lock that has a tubular cylinder (a round key cylinder) you are eligible for a Kryptonite non-tubular cylinder lock exchange. The steps you take to participate in the exchange are: 1. Provide the information listed below to Kryptonite. 2. Return your current tubular cylinder Kryptonite lock to us (postage paid). 3. Kryptonite will send you your new non-tubular cylinder lock.

Emphasis added.

A lot of folks are all up in arms about this, but I'm not too worried. The bike gets stolen, I'll get another one. The lock did come with a year-long anti-theft guarantee. Bike gets stolen, Kryptonite buys me a new one.

But what I'm worried about is what I'm supposed to do in between sending off my old lock and receiving the new one. That's even less safe. And will the new one fit my mounting bracket?

Oh, I just remembered that I've had my bike lock for two years now, so the insurance is no longer good. Dang.

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