Date, Time, and ClearQuest

Well, we were preparing a response to an RFP from Heaven the other day. Turns out that God wanted to use ClearQuest to track the life-cycles of His subjects' sins. In concept, it looked pretty easy: each sin is a record type that is associated with a user (or users) and goes through a workflow (temptation, indulgence, redemption). We were going to propose some pretty nifty tracking charts and reports to go along with the implementation, along with an optional integration with RequisitePro, the requirements management tool. Importing all of the Bible's requirements into one database could provide some nice drill-down for the data-savvy reviewer of sins (not to mention some wonderful cash flow for us on a time and materials basis). For a while, we even let ourselves go a little crazy and considered a supplemental deliverable of integration with the TestManager tool to allow for recording and testing of subjects against the requirements, but we didn't want to shoot the moon, you know?

Then, dash-it-all, we ran into a wall: ClearQuest doesn't consider any day before January 1, 1970 valid for its date/time fields.

We had some hair-pulling sessions then, boy, let me tell ya. I think we've settled on a solution, but it involves the Big Guy absolving everyone of sins committed before 1970. Do you think He'll go for it?

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