Volunteers Needed


  • 6:40 - 6:56 Bike to Greenbelt station
  • 7:01 - 8:11 Metro to Dunn Loring (via Fort Totten and Metro Center)
  • 8:20 - 8:25 Shuttle to site

Kept just missing connections today.

I noticed a request for volunteers in the Express (the free daily) today: Someone's looking for helpers in an investigational malaria drug study. There were even three exclamation points!!! So they must be serious. It occurred to me that there must be few things less fun than voluntarily catching malaria; then, I noticed the ad right next to it: "Volunteers Needed for Anthrax Vaccine Study". It's always something, eh?

Both studies are "oriented toward healthy men and women"; however, while the malaria study is interested in folks from 18 to 55, the anthrax people figure if you're over 30 you might as well just curl up and die anyway. They're not bothering with us fogies.

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