You probably don't care, but I bought some new stuff!

A New Notebook

Oh, and it is fine fine fine. It has orange and yellow stripes and a lion. It is the New York Public Library Student Journal:
Let's face it, student life can be a whirlwind of experiences amid a blur of activity. Inspiration can come from a chance meeting, an exciting book, or that special teacher. The New York Public Library Student Journal is a new way to record your thoughts, ideas, and memories about people, school, and life in general.
I doubt it will be that exciting, but I do like having grid paper instead of blank or lined. I just hope I don't lose it. My theory is that if I have a bright enough notebook, I'll notice its absence. Yeah, right.

A New Wheel

Tired of purchasing new spokes every six weeks, I decided to spring for a new back wheel for my bicycle. It's nothing exotic, but I am hoping it will be a little more robust. It turns out that I bought such a cheap bike in Scotland, that I have little choice in replacement wheels. If I want a fancy new wheel with special nipples and hand-threading and such, I also would have to buy a new gear-set and maybe a new chain and maybe a new derailleur. Maybe a new headlight, too, what do I know?

Right now, it's very shiny.

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