If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Dayton

Dayton, Ohio. Can you imagine a more exciting destination? Rumor as we boarded the plane: it's ten degrees in Dayton. That's Farenheit, no doubt.

I got myself stuck in a window seat. When I boarded, there was nobody else in the row, but I jumped with each new passenger who climbed aboard the plane. Luckily, none of them joined me, so I was free to spread out. I'm happy to note that I don't spread out as much as I used to, but my legs are certainly too long for the seat arrangement. I suppose all my reduction in height is due to back curvature and not to my legs retracting into my stomach. Dang.

I'm travelling to Dayton for contract proposal orals. It's like some evil cross between an oral examination and an interview. Based on a 1.5 page request for information, we're supposed to present a work breakdown structure and detailed plan for creating and mentoring a system test team and environment. All the work is in Dayton, so I figure I'm best off wearing my torn jeans and not brushing my teeth.

I will return to BWI Wednesday night and then drive to Suffolk (VA) to start ClearQuest mentoring. What happened to work in the DC area?

Just as well that I've decided to not brush my teeth because just as the wheels went up I realized that I brought a toothbrush but no toothpaste.

It also occured to me that I may have made a mistake in not reserving a car. Ah, what am I worried about? It's Dayton International Airport, isn't it?

The pilot confirms that the temperature in Dayton is indeed 10 degrees. I hope I don't forget my hat and gloves, too.

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