Metro Moments

These things really happened:


At Christmas, I received from my in-laws a very nice new hat. My new Tilley T3 hat is very nice and will help me ward off the rain and it comes with a nice plastic crown bag for storing the "Brag Tag." At any rate, on the escalator this morning, I was complimented on my hat. The woman told me her husband has a very nice leather hat that folds flat, but his head is smaller than hers so she can't steal it.

Hearing Voices

At the Rosslyn station, I heard a new pre-recorded announcement about gathering up your belongings, especially newspapers, when leaving the trains. Aside from the clarity of the announcer's voice, I noticed his annoying chipperness. He reminded us that, "in a town like this, you never want to leave a paper trail..." Oh, the gales of laughter that followed that little gem!

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