Speaking of Bithdays

A few years ago, I decided that I like Chinese food. I've always been a particularly picky eater, and all the way through college, I derided Chinese cuisine as "grass and mud." Now, I was never the most enlightened kid in my class, but I have learned through this experience that tastes change. I have read that as we age, our taste buds weaken, so some things which might have once been too strong for us (like Brussels Sprouts, say) lose their offensiveness as we grow old.

Last year, I started a new birthday tradition: try something I'm pretty sure I don't like. Perhaps I will discover that my tastes have changed and something I cannot stand will no longer offend. Since my list of "yucky food" is pretty extensive, I can try something different every year for the forseeable future. I'm keeping the really awful items (like seafood) for my decade birthdays. In the meantime, I try smaller things.

Last year, it was tomato juice. I have never liked that stuff. I suppose I tend to sweet drinks, having been raised on Coke and Cap'n Crunch for breakfast. I thought it a bit strange that I like tomato sauces on pizza and pasta, and I even enjoy a small tomato on salad every so often, but I have never wanted to drink that red liquid. It was a bit risky, to be honest, because I was very sure that I'm still not a fan of your every-day raw tomato.

What did I learn from last year's trial? I still do not like tomato juice. Ah, well, it was worth the effort.

This year, I have chosen soup. Aside from heavy, meaty things like chili and ghoulash, I've never liked soup. It just never did anything for me. While other folks will turn to chicken noodle soup in the midst of a cold, I have always preferred the power of Buffalo wings. This, too, is a risky choice, because I believe the main reason I did not like soup was that I could not taste it at all. Hot liquids, including soup, hot chocolate, and apple cider never really made any impression on my buds. Perhaps I have scalded them away.

But I'm going to try it anyway, because I think it would be healthier to eat more soup. I'd like to go somewhere to get this soup, but I haven't figured out where. If you know a good restaurant that serves good soup, I'd love to hear about it. Just leave a comment. I need to know before my birthday, which I share with Nixon.

Oh, and speaking of comments, it has been quiet for a bit. Am I right in thinking that this is because nobody wants to remove the Brunette's comment from the top of the Recent list? or have I gotten into a rut with these book tales?

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