Welcome to a New Year

Items of Note This New Year...

  • The Washington Post is providing new comic strips, including a long-time favorite of mine: Frazz.
  • Kryptonite has finally deigned to send me instructions for replacing my bicycle lock. I mean, it seems like only September when we were told that Kryptonite locks could be picked with a Bic pen.
  • The beginning of the month is when I get my allowance from the company, so of course the smart card charging machine was down this morning.
  • Turning on red is not legal in New York City. This we learned the hard way over the weekend. We were also reminded that women don't get tickets; they get warnings.
  • Taleswapper is still an idiot. The Brunette went out of her way to get supplies for my lunch yesterday and I forgot to make lunch today. I'd like to blame it on my exhaustion from all this weekend data migration work, but the truth is that I'm just an insensitive clod. I'm sorry, love.

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