Here's a fun one: I installed Rational Suite 2003.06.13 (also known as Service Release 3). Now, when I go into RequisitePro, tag a requirement and try to save, I get this error:

Runtime Error: Object variable or With block variable not set(RqWordServices.DocWrapper,446,91)

The unexpected event was recorded in the log file:
C:\Program Files\Rational\RequisitePro\Bin\Error.log

Now, you can go in, change some text, and save with no problem. It only seems to happen on requirement tagging.

There is an easy fix, but only if you have access to your Office/Word installation. To make this go away, after the installation of Rational, you must "Repair" the Office (or Word) installation. I assume this means that the Rational installation messes with some registration, but who knows for sure?

Do this to fix: Go to Add/Remove Programs, choose Office (or Word), choose Change, then Choose Repair. Wait a very long time.

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