Not much to report from this week's trip to Suffolk, Virginia. I've been on-site or on the phone for pretty much every hour of the day and much of the night.

I did take a plane this trip to see how it compares to the drive. The price seems to be comparable (we get reimbursed for the mileage) and I can save a whole hour. It's nice to not worry about falling asleep and driving off the road. On the other hand, Southwest really treats you like cattle.

I imagine that tonight I'll be over at the airport sleeping on the benches like Tom Hanks, because Capital Weather is predicting a snowfall smackdown. If I get stuck here, I'll probably descend into a blubbering tearful (terribly unmacho) blob. When I'm away from the Brunette, man, I lose total focus. I can't remember how to do anything and I stare vacantly at the walls.

On the bright side, maybe the airport will have movies. When I left BWI for Ohio last week, the monitors were showing TNT. What was TNT showing?


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