Super Sell

A Commercial Report

Just like every other American blogger (I'm sure), I watched the Super Bowl in order to discuss the commercials. I'm not much of an American football fan, but since we have no TV, it seemed as good a time as any to go up to the in-laws' to revel in the creativity that our consumer culture can generate when given half a chance. So perhaps it's a bit ironic that I came away with only one thought:

When the heck did U2 sell out?

Did I really hear their Sunday, Bloody Sunday used to promote football games?

THIS SONG IS A SERIOUS LAMENT FOR THE DEATH OF CIVIL RIGHTS MARCHERS IN IRELAND AT THE HANDS OF GOVERNMENT FORCES IN 1972. Tell me it was not used to sell a game where fat people in plastic armor struggle to move a little funny-shaped ball from one side of field of fake grass to the another.

C'mon, this massacre happened in my lifetime.

And it's true we are immune
When fact is fiction and TV reality
And today the millions cry
We eat and drink while tomorrow they die

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