Animal Farm of the Air

Every time I fly, I'm reminded of the reason our nation is falling into a bowl of stupid. It's the television. The one at the airport was tuned to one of those inane morning "news" shows. They spent fifteen minutes with some professor who was upset because of the inability of Microsoft's grammar checker to, well, check grammar.

Good googly-moogly, people. Take some responsibility for your own poor writing skills. Don't blame Microsoft for that.

There's plenty of other stuff to blame Microsoft for.

You know, you might think that Southwest is a little more egalitarian than the other airlines. In theory, it's first come, first serve. Everybody gets the same chance at seats, and they're all pretty much equal anyway, right? Well, no, of course not. There is the mighty valuable row of seats at the exit doors. This row has a kingdom's worth of extra leg room.

Still, we all have the same chance to show up and get in line, right?

Apparently not. Yesterday morning, I was at the head of the line and proud to hurry down the causeway to claim my exit row seat. My knees were singing with joy until I boarded the plane and noticed that the row was already occupied! Some group of chattering chatterers was sitting in the exit row laughing it up with their good friends the flight attendants. Not another seat was taken.

I guess that some pigs are more equal than others, eh?

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