What Did Taleswapper Forget Today?

Actually, it was yesterday.

I forgot my ethernet cable for connecting to the internet at the Hampton Inn. It's so much nicer when a hotel has wireless, but I've been to this Hampton Inn before and should have remembered the cable.

I've been to this Hampton Inn, so I knew to request to be put in any room but 103. Of course, they put me in 103. "No other rooms available, sorry." Room 103 is between the hospitality suite and the workout room/sauna. The hospitality suite hasn't been too bad, but in the past we've been woken up at 5 in the morning by someone tramping on the treadmill, which is just the other side of the head of the bed.

This time, though, the treadmill is out of order, so it's not so bad.

I also forgot my mouthwash. I did remember toothpaste, so there you have it.

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