Is There a RequisiteAmateur?

Turns out that the RequisitePro baseline tool has a bug (at least through version 2003.06.13). If you use Oracle as ReqPro's database server, you want to make sure that your user called admin has a blank password before creating a baseline. If you don't, you're likely to see an error message when creating a new project based on that baseline:

Error in CopyXMLExtProjInfo (-2147220457): This object is marked as invalid. Please release this reference.

Although I haven't been able to verify this yet, it's possible that if you have more than one user in the administrator's group (we had an "admin1"), you might see other problems, too. All of our requirements came into the new project, but we saw that each one had an Author of unknown (on the Revision tab of the properties). This led to an error message any time we tried to modify an attribute. ReqPro wanted us to know that the requirement had been changed by unknown since we started work and that the database would be refreshed.

Not that it helped, mind you. We'd still come back and not be able to modify the requirement (with the same error message). While I went to town trying to noodle a fix using scripts against the Rational Extensibility Interface (I'm too geeky for my shirt), my customer overcame the obstacle by going to an attribute matrix view and selecting multiple requirements. When he changed an attribute using the multi-select, ReqPro seemed to skip the error message; it allowed the changes to occur and saved his id as the new Author. From then on, those requirements were editable individually again.

Sometimes, you gotta just keep trying stuff.

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