MARC Series?

A Baseball Report

I doubt we'll be able to speculate on this again. Of course, I never thought that the Orioles and the Nationals would be in first place. Actually, I never thought that the Nationals or the Orioles would be in first place.

Yeah, and I know it's awful dang early to talk about first place like it means something, but folks, this may be our only chance.

John suggests we call it the "semi-subway series". Personally, I like "MARC series", but I'm worried that might offend the DC fans.

When we were biking in Wisconsin a few years ago, we stopped at this wildlife refuge/visitor center. The park ranger on duty was awfully young. He gabbed about the center and pointed out sites of interest. When he asked where we were from, he seemed delighted to find that we hailed from Maryland. He said he, too, was from the Free State. When we asked for a more specific location, he said, "The Corridor."

"The Corridor?" We looked blankly at him. What the heck was the Corridor?

"You know," he said. "The Baltimore-Washington Corridor."

"Ah," we thought knowingly. "He means Laurel, but is embarrassed to admit it."

So, here's to the "Corridor Series"!

I'd suggest that I need to go watch Fever Pitch again, but I'm conflicted. The movie was cute, but it really bugs me that Nick Hornby allowed them to change the sport. I can't decide whether he was selling out to American interests or insulting Americans by implying that we're too stupid to understand an obsession with (real) football.

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