A Blogging Report

Ok. So, I blame this woman named Martha O'Connor. She is the one to blame. Oh, I tried to limit my compulsive behaviour to incessant handwashing. It was quite a conversation starter there for a while. Sure, the conversations never seemed to get beyond "Really? How interesting."

But it gave me something to do.

Now, Ms. O'Connor pretended to protect us by not actually offering a link, but it was no use. Google is out there like our local pusher, ready to deal up the goods. And so I'm not afraid to give you the link to StatCounter. It's just another site visit counter, sure, but it offers statistics on your visitors.

So, every ten minutes or so, I need to go and check to see which countries are visiting me (Belgium was an early leader, but they've now disappeared) and what kinds of questions people are asking Google in order to find me (lots of ClearCase questions). Recently, there's been a burst of activity around searches for Doris Lessing. The most popular archive is July of last year, probably because of PowerBuilder more than Peter Loon.

This information is of no use to me whatsoever, but I can't stop looking. It's exciting to find that Swapping Tales is one of only three pages found when searching for "craft daft on a raft" on Google. It's disturbing to see how many people find me by searching for wife and swapping. (Dang. That'll probably up the number of hits on that search.) Maybe I should change the name? What does it mean if 72% of my visitors only stick around for five seconds or less? Hey! Hey! Stick around!

But the worst thing is, I don't have much desire to wash my hands anymore.

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