Unchained Melody

Finally ran out of excuses, so I had to bike to the Metro this morning.

A list of excuses:

  • I'm traveling: Today, though, I'm in Rosslyn for a meeting. Tomorrow, I'll be back on the road again.
  • It's too cold, rainy, and/or windy: Today seems to be continuing the weekend's beautiful weather. Besides, I commuted in Glasgow, for goodness' sake. There, every day is a rain day.
  • I still don't have a replacement for my Kryptonite lock: This one was a great excuse until the Brunette offered to let me borrow her lock. Thanks, Love!
  • My bike's broken: During a ride from Silver Spring in January, I found I couldn't shift gears any more. I fnally got around to trying to fix this, but I was having no luck. The guy at Proteus pointed out that my problem was not the shifter; in fact, the chain was split. A couple of links were flared into big Ys. My choices were:
    • Buy a new bike ($350-$2000)
    • Replace the drive train, and probably the crankshaft, too ($150-$200)
    • Slap on a new chain and see if it will mesh with the gears. ($40)
    Of course, I went with option #3. And the bike rides like a dream.

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