I'd Like to Teach the World to Branch

How many gigs can a man migrate, before he migrates a whole VOB?

I'm getting just a little loopy doing this NT to Unix migration. On Friday night, I arrived with a twelve pack of diet Cokes (with Splenda!). Now, I'm down to my last one.

Just a little hint for all you ClearCase geeks out there: If you're going to be killing Multisite by removing all your replicas, be sure to crank down the oplog keeps and scrub, scrub, scrub your VOBs. The rmreplica command on the final replica is treated as a single event. Your journal file (vista.tjf) could go over its 2GB limit and the VOB will start returning error messages.

Actually, the song that's caught in my head is The Wrong Bananas. "I bought, I bought, I bought, the wrong bananas." Oi.

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