Lost Planet Airmen

Well, we went to see Star Wars Episode Pi, or whatever it was. After all, it was our duty to our generation to line Lucas' pockets.

I don't really have much to say, except that one scene really popped out at me. You might have missed it, but there's a point where the evil dude calls up this military guy right on the battle field to tell him to off our hero Obi. Their conversation went something like this (It's not really a spoiler if it didn't really happen, right?):

"PALPATINE: Dude, whasssssssssup?"
"PALPATINE: C'mon man, lighten up!"
"MILITARY DUDE: Sir, I'm kind of in the middle of a firefight here."
"PALPATINE: Oh, right, right. (nods head) So, anywho, I just need you to do something for me, man."
"MILITARY DUDE: Sir, is it time to put into effect your evil, dastardly, and yet so secret plan?"
"PALPATINE: No, well, maybe, but first I want you to do that other thing. "
"MILITARY DUDE: Sir, I'm kinda busy here."
"PALPATINE: Oh, c'mon, just a little of that Hot Rod Lincoln"
"MILITARY DUDE: Sir, I keep telling you: I'm not that Commander Cody. (To himself) Can't wait 'til I get a promotion."
"PALPATINE: (grumbling to self) Big-headed rock stars."
"PALPATINE: Nothing. OK, fine Mr. Rock Star, at least give me the tag line before I tell you to execute the plan."
"MILITARY DUDE: Tag line, sir?"
"PALPATINE: Geez. Do I have to do everything myself? (prompting) Hey, Brain...?"
"MILITARY DUDE: Right, Sir. Ahem. Hey, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?"
"PALPATINE: Same thing we do every night, Commander Cody: Try to take over the world!"

Well that went on longer than I had planned. I just went down that canyon and couldn't figure a way out. Oi.

At any rate, I suppose Cmdr Cody jumped out at me because my Thermodynamics (or was it Heat Transfer?) professor back at good ole RPI was John Tichy, a founding Lost Planet Airman. And that's true!

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