4 Hours

Sure, to you it looks like a nice flat bike trail. To me it looks like miles and miles and miles of no shade.

I think I've biked enough these last four days to hold me for the entire rest of the summer. Since my company moved its headquarters from Rosslyn to Tysons, I've not had a chance to bike to work. Most of my time is spent away at customer sites, but today I'm writing a class on Implementing Unified Change Management (UCM). Sounds exciting doesn't it?

Oh, admit it. You've always wanted to know about UCM, didn't ya?

At any rate, couple this with the Brunette's absence and I get a bit of a flexible schedule today. So I thought I'd pull out the ole bicycle and try trundling down to work.

Slap me if I ever try that again.

It took me the standard two hours to get to Rosslyn (see, I made some bad choices Sunday, too). Somewhere along New York Avenue, my handlebars started slipping, rolling forward and back. This probably demonstrates some lack of cycling skill on my part, but I do yank on those suckers and their rolling around makes braking pretty difficult. Just outside of Rosslyn, I happened upon a man fixing a woman's bicycle flat, and I borrowed his hex wrench to tighten my handle bars.

Within 15 minutes, my chain started skipping. This was terribly annoying for several reasons, not the least of which was because it seemed to happen whenever I put extra pressure on the pedals; to go up a hill or to gain speed. So I hobbled from Rosslyn to Tysons without ever getting above 3rd gear (on the second front ring).

And it was so hot, my hands started having trouble gripping the shifts enough to actually shift any way. I'm tired and I ache and I'm not completely sure how I'm going to get home.

But I did it. I rode from Greenbelt to Tysons Corner. And now I never have to do it again. That would've been 26 miles on the Beltway. I'm guessing under twenty for the route I took.

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