Don't Even Go There

This is my impression of Virginia and walking. There's been some talk about Tysons Corner becoming an "urban center", but it's hard to imagine how this place could transform in that way. Sure, I think density could continue to increase, but (in my mind anyway) an "urban center" has a lot more to do with people having local mobility than this crazy car culture will allow.

I couldn't see a way to cross Route 7 legally without a vehicle. A few feet later, I found that the route to the bus terminal isn't completely sidewalked. It's been a long time since this area has been an idyllic rural setting; there should be legal ways for pedestrians to move about. I shouldn't need a car to travel 200 feet.

Of course, there are pretty flowers.

OK, so we now have (admittedly limited) data from three different means of travel between my house and my headquarters.

  • Bicycle: 4 hours (with a broken bicycle, don't forget)
  • Public Transportation (with some walking): 2 hours, 10 minutes
  • Automobile: 1 hour, 20 minutes

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