Greenbelt Loop

Actually dragged myself out of bed this morning, packed a breakfast (bologna and cheese -- who is it that designates foods appropriate for morning meals?), and hopped on the bike for a slow, two-hour ride. When I stopped for breakfast at Greenbelt Park, this little cricket tried to hop a ride.

Unfortunately, I was too tired to drag along the extra weight, so he had to go.

  • Research Road It's not always clear which gates are for stopping motorized traffic and which are for denying all access. I chose to believe that the Agricultural Research Center is only worried about cars and trucks. (And I wasn't alone.)
  • Beaver Dam Road Didn't see any beaver dams, but it's nice to see farmland so close to the Beltway, even if it is big, bureaucratic farmland
  • Springfield Road This isn't anywhere near Springfield, as far as I can determine.
  • Good Luck Road What kind of a name is that for a road, any way? Maybe it's for the NASA test facilities. "Going out to test that solar sail, Frank? Good luck!"
  • Greenbelt Park access roads More gates of indeterminate nature. I ate in a picnic area whose parking lot was gated.
  • Greenbelt Road Not for the faint of heart. People fly down this road.
  • Southway Almost home and ready for my second shower of the day. Boy, I ride at a glacial pace. Folks with road bikes zoom past me on my upright hybrid. It's not about the speed; it's about the exercise. That's what I try to tell myself, anyway.

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