Keeps on Ticking

A Grocery Report

This really happened. Of course it really happened, the word "Report" gives that way, right?

Saturday, I'm looking over my bread options: Hmmm, low carb and tastes like cardboard or low fat and tastes like cardboard? I know! I'll take low carb/low fat and tastes like cardboard! I'm interrupted by this, um, older gentleman.

OLD DUDE: Excuse me, young man.

ME: (Thinking, "I've got grayer hair than you old man") Yes?

OLD DUDE: Did you know that stamps used to be quite violent?

ME: Oh?

OLD DUDE: Yes, once there were these two stamps broke out in fisticuffs. They went at it for hours, until one finally gave up.

ME: Oh?

OLD DUDE: Yep. He said, "I can't take it any more. I'm licked!" (laughs)

ME: Oookay, well, then.

The very first thing that I thought was, "It won't be long until nobody understands that joke any more, what with self-adhesive stamps and all."

The second thing I thought was, "Poor guy, hasn't quite figured out how this whole blog thing works yet."

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