Sometimes, it seems like an impossible mission, walking in Virginia. You risk life, or at least limb, attempting to cross Route 7. There are no cross-walks. The lights are not timed to allow crossing by foot. What few pedestrians there are (both of us) scramble and dive across each direction of traffic, pumped with adrenaline from near-misses and covered in sweat from the heat. By the time we find what passes for sidewalks in these parts, the sidewalk either ends or is blocked by some rich person's toy. (In this case, a rich person's future toy: this is a display for Rosenthal Jaguar/Land Rover.)

Route 7 certainly makes public transportation an interesting choice. Public transportation doesn't come down into your parking lot. If you take the bus from our neck of Tysons Corner, you're going to have to cross Route 7 either in the morning or the evening. It's no wonder that there were only 4 people on the bus for half my journey yesterday. I was alone with the driver for the other half.

Once I made it to the bus, it was a great trip. I tried a different bus yesterday: 5B. Instead of taking me to one of the Falls Church stations or even the Dunn Loring station, 5B drives to L'Enfant Plaza. This seemed like crazy talk to me when I queried the WMATA website for recommended routes, but the bus doesn't make many local stops. After Tysons, we were on the Toll Road/I-66 into Rosslyn, after Rosslyn, we were on 110 and US1 into the city. Since I live in Greenbelt, this drop-off at a Green Line station was mighty convenient. And with the bus so empty, I had plenty of room to relax and play on the computer.

So I take it back: If anybody wants to put internet on the bus, I now think it would be a fine idea.

  • 4:44 Walk from work to bus stop, crossing Route 7.
  • 4:54 The bus was right there waiting, two minutes early.
    • 5:15 We made it to the Rosslyn Station a few minutes early. I stayed on the bus.
    • 5:32 Arrived at L'Enfant Plaza. I was a little disturbed that we were early out of Rosslyn and didn't wait.
  • 5:35 Train from L'Enfant Plaza to Greenbelt Station
  • 6:08 Arrive Greenbelt Station
That one hour, twenty-four minute time now is much more competitive with driving from Tysons, though being picked up at the station by the Brunette definitely helps.

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