Extremely Low Frequency Tuning Fork

We visited a writing group in Silver Spring the other night. Boy, writers are weird people. Our task was to look at unidentifiable objects, identify one of them, then write something about it. I wrote a set of limericks. Remember, this was done quickly and in a very noisy Starbucks.

Woods Hole Institute up New England way
Was all in a flutter one hot summer day.
The professor had lost,
At considerable cost,
A measuring instrument he dropped in the bay

His assistants all jumped into the brine;
Ole professor's lost tool they endeavored to find.
There was great distress
Without clear success,
So he cried, and he pouted, and he had quite a whine.

"Why, my dear love," asked his wife, "do you swoon?
"You're walking, and squawking, and acting the loon."
"Oh, my dear pet,
"How else can I get
"The fish, crabs, and whales to sing in good tune?"

For the sake of sanity and good taste, I don't think I'll be going back to that writing group.

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