Missing: Hope for the Future?

So, I'm going through these receipts today to file my monthly expense report for the company. This is not a difficult task; it is not mentally taxing. It is simply tedious. So, sometimes, I forget to make the deadline.

When I don't make the deadline, it becomes easy to forget what each receipt was for. Sure, the internet and mobile phone bills are obvious. It's easy to figure out what that Hampton Inn stay in St. Louis was all about. But what do I do with these $4 receipts from June?

One says:

Rcpt# 2645
06/15/05 17:18 L# 1 A# 1 Txn#
Lost Fee $4.00
Total Fee $4.00
CASH PAID $4.00-
Cash Tender $4.00
Change Due $0.00
The other is the same except that "Lost Fee" is replaced by "MAIN FEE". I don't remember getting lost, or having to pay for it, last month. Nor, for that matter, do I remember losing anything. In any case, I don't know what I would lose that would cost me $4.00 and that I would expect the company to reimburse me for.

"Hey, boss, here's a receipt for that sense of wonder I misplaced. Oh, and this other one? It's for my rose-colored-glasses. They seem to have broken."

The problem is, those things were worth at least a fiver. And I lost them a long time ago.

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