More Things that Tick Me Off

I was under the impression that security is an issue in the transportation arena, but apparently that does not apply to leaving bags in the terminal at BWI. Sure, they're all lined up nicely. I guess terrorists wouldn't be able to make such orderly lines.

I mean, I'm really just irritated that these people are so dang rude. Southwest Airlines doesn't assign seats. Instead of that, they assign you a mini gate letter and you line up there. Supposedly, it's first-come-first-served, but I really believe that if people want to maintain a place in line, they should have to physically occupy that space. This is ridiculous.

But it is this kind of rudeness that is going to bring down my country. This just leads to furthering the populace's ability to ignore problems. Who is going to question bags sitting here by themselves? Ask somebody and they're going to tell you to mind your own stinking business. And minding our own business is going to send America to heck in a handcart, baby.

Oh, and I had to stand in line C, the last one to board. Ugh.

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