A Real Shame About That Judas Guy

St Louis's outdoor theater, known as The Muny, hosted us for a viewing of Jesus Christ Superstar tonight. It was mighty hot and these giant fans didn't seem to have much effect. The musical was fair-to-middling, I guess. It's a real shame about Judas, though. I mean to say, something was definitely wrong with his sound system. And, really, what is Jesus Christ Superstar without Judas?

Aside from the heat/humidity, they did a great job with the weather, I must say. They ordered up a nice batch of thunder and lightning which did a great job of adding to the atmosphere of the tale. Much threatening and a little bit of sprinkling, but no major downpour.

Since I'm on my last night at St Louis, let me also mention that I've dropped off a book in one of the coffee houses here. Meshuggah Coffee House seemed like a crazy place to leave a book, so I did. Also, it was a part of the contract for picking the book up. The book is Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver, which, if you want to know the truth, is much like all the other books I've read this year: too dang long! We had picked the book up at a coffehouse in Greenbelt, MD, and found that it was part of the book crossing project. The idea is that you pick up a book from a public place, read it, then leave it somewhere else. I wanted to bring it along to Scotland, but it is just too heavy. I think it will be fine here in St. Louis.

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