You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry

Looks like there's an interesting protest at the White House:

bicyclists will ride around the white house for the duration of the g-8 summit in scotland to demand action on global warming. our marathon cyclists applaud the forward thinking support of wind, solar and other renewable resources by the senate. we call on the president to do the same starting in scotland. we will be cycling around the white house 24 hours a day to send this message to the g8 summit: we want clean energy! the american people support the kyoto protocols. contact: mason payne.
But don't tell this guy from the Heritage Foundation. He might get upset.
It seems that the motorist blocked the path of a 23 year-old cyclist early on Friday morning, and when asked, the motorist refused to move. To add injury to insult, the motorist stepped out of his vehicle, approached the cyclist, and pushed [her] over. The motorist then drove off, leaving bystanders to take down his license plate number and attract the attention of a U.S. Capitol Police officer standing nearby. The offending motorist, who turned out to be a certain Ted E. Schelenski, Vice-President for Finance and Operations of the Heritage Foundation, was promptly arrested.

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