Gary Gibson Considers

The conference itself is a mixed bag, as you would expect with so many things going on. We're just out of a speech by a guest of honor whom we should not name. The presentation was all about his wretched experiences with an author that he "should not name." Christopher Priest's whinging was probably the worst we've had to sit through.

Otherwise, we've had a grand time. Formal highlights include readings by Connie Willis (her book remains unfinished), Gary (in a dungeon), and Kim Stanley Robinson (who decided to flood DC). KSR ended his reading with a wild whoop of an escaped primate. Very nice. We've also enjoyed panels on such subjects as the Creative Commons and Building a World for the Purpose of Blowing It Up.

Although there hasn't been a panel on Developing a Character for the Simple Purpose of Torturing Them Slowly Until they Break.

Informal highlights include all of the quick visits with Glaswegian writing friends. They've had readings, panelings, and signings. Oh, and they put on a play, which seemed a big hit.

Tonight are the Hugo Awards, and we have one day remaining for a few more panels and readings.

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