Loch Etive View

Sitting in a pub called The Goat here in Glasgow because it seems to have the only free wireless in the city. Wireless is not quite so prevalent as back home, but we'll make do, eh? Can you imagine, I'm squinting because the sun is so dang bright. It has been lovely weather, cool temps and only a few bits of rain. At any rate, those cheers in the background are from the dozens of football fans watching the screens. Sounds like quite a game on.

Don't ask me who is playing. Nobody is sporting any particular football colors.

After the hectic running about from the Convention, we hid in a small village called Taynuilt, two hours north of Glasgow. Taynuilt is near Loch Etive. We took a nice boat trip on the loch and attended a small ceilidh in town. The break was very relaxing, but now we're back to city life and staying in a hostel in Edinburgh.

A thing you should know about Edinburgh this time of year: it hosts the Festival and the Fringe Festival. We're here for another festival (the International Book Festival), so you can understand that the city is quite crowded. When we tried to check into the hostel, we found that our reservations were for June, not August! It was quite a shocker, and, of course, the city is fully booked up. But the manager was very helpful and they made a special wee room for us with one twin bed and a mattress on the floor. We'll move to another room today (the Brunette is back in Edinburgh now, moving our things) and then move again tomorrow. But at least there's a roof over our heads.

Mmmmm. The burger here is delicious.

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