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A Restaurant Report

So, the Brunette wanders off for a day-trip with her mother and what do I do? That's right! Go eat something extremely bad for me. It might not rate historic status, but Little Tavern always means a return to my childhood. Laurel, MD, is not at the top of anybody's list of fine restaurant locales, but it's the only place I know that still has one of these little green buildings actually operating as a Little Tavern.

The siren song of Little Tavern is sung by tiny burgers. They are not good for you and are not even particularly appetizing. But I find them awfully comforting. The building is in pretty bad shape and I always expect to be offered a drug sale in this neighborhood, but it's worth the trek. And they must be doing well, because every window had a "Help Wanted" sign.

As for the health, well, I'm going to make up for it with a long bike ride, tomorrow. Really. Sure.

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