Greenbelt Labor Day Festival 2005

I suppose that I'm something of a failure as a blogger. I rarely keep this thing updated in anything resembling a regular schedule. I veer from diary entries about my favorite toe to random grumpy reports on commuting to strange little fictions about books and restaurants.

And it's now Wednesday already and I'm just now getting around to posting stuff about the Labor Day Festival this last weekend.

Boy, a game of "Destroy the Earth" might just be the picker-upper I need, eh? I don't know what those astronomers were thinking when they decided it would be a good idea to let people pretend they're comets and meteors attempting to destroy our wee little planet. It's not exactly that cheerful, all-American thing you're looking for on Labor Day, right?

On the other hand, there are always horsies! The parade was wonderful: not too crowded, lots of things to look at, and did I mention not too crowded? Nobody tried to stand in front of us at the last minute. We had a fine tree-shaded spot at the corner across from the gas station. I hope you all run out to the parade next year; it's worth the trip.

The parade seemed to be overrun with Red Hat Ladies, but there were also a lot of fire engines and beauty queens. And, of course, there were things you might only see in a Greenbelt parade: environmentalist drivers, 1930s re-enactors, peace-niks, and animal-welfare marchers. After the gay/lesbian pride crew went by, I spotted a Muslim woman with a little rainbow flag.

Yeah, this is a great little town!

More pictures here.

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