New From Ronco

A Sporting Report

Ok, we went to our first Nationals game today and I only have one question:

What's the deal with the guys riding around shooting t-shirts at the crowd? Is this some kind of homeland defense training or something?

At any rate, we decided to go see a Nationals game today on the spur of the moment. We came to this decision at 11:45. By 12:30, we were at the stadium buying $7 cheap seat tickets. Is this a great place to live, or what?

Sadly, after 42 different pitchers and three thrown bats, our Nats weren't able to defeat the Braves. But they did make it interesting: at the top of the ninth, in fact, they were one out away from winning. But it was not to be.

Still, and all, it was a fun game and (aside from food) not terribly expensive. The weather was perfect. Personally, I like the old stadium with its curvy overhangs and view of the Anacostia.

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