It's a Small World After All

A Community Report

Lordy lordy, that song just won't get outta my head. This tiny little blue ball we live on spins so it makes me woozy. Where to start? How about we start over in Scotland?

Our good pal, Al, lives in the Scottish town of Glasgow. He keeps daily record over at Notes From the Geek Show. Every so often, he takes one of them there internet tests. You know the ones I mean; where you find out that if you were a car you'd be a pink Cadillac; if you were a stellar object you'd be a pulsar; or if you were a historical figure you'd be the Queen of Sheba. That sort of thing.

His most recent dive into Quiz Night on the 'Net asked Which Major US City Are You? It was sorta interesting to find that the Brunette and I both turned out to be Baltimore, Maryland. We both spent formative years in or near that fine city.

Of course, it came as no surprise that Al is San Francisco.

At any rate, this wee test was written by a user calling herself weeRedII, which turns out to be a second account for a user who also calls herself weeRed1. You go and take a look at her picture there and you'll see ...


Honestly, I do think the caps were necessary there. We share a wall with this person; surely that deserves all caps. If you don't think so, don't bother with the quiz. I can tell you that you're East Liverpool, Ohio.

Update: Well, I don't know why, but Al has taken down his quiz results. Here's a nice link to his blog, though.

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Fritz said...

So now *I* have that song in my head, thank you very much!