Living Doll

This really happened.

The New Deal Cafe sits on the square at Roosevelt Center in Greenbelt. So, you can guess the political leanings of the typical cafe client. As with most coffee houses, there is an assortment of bric-a-brac -- sculptures made from twigs, coffee-can tip jars, Einstein and Hitler dolls, books and games. In fact, on many nights you can find the Brunette and I playing a game of Scrabble and drinking Diet Cricket Cola.

Well, you'll see me drinking the stuff, the Brunette will stick to coffee or tea.

The other night a customer dropped in with his daughter. She was probably at the six-year mark. She wandered around while her father ordered at the counter. She showed off her doll: "This is my doll. She's called Frida Kahlo."

Now, you'll have to excuse us, but we are apparently not cultured enough nor are we true fellow travelers, so we did not recognize the name of this particular Mexican muralist. We simply smiled and nodded, as we are wont to do around OPC (other people's children).

Later, she was trying to reach for the Nazi doll which rested on one of the stage speakers.

"They want to play together," she told her father.

"I don't think so," he said to her.

"Why not?"

"Well, because she's a Communist, dear; she doesn't want to play with Fascists."

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Washington Cube said...

Snort. Now let's go find a nice little bi-sexual doll for Frida to play with.