Welcome to Swapping Tales, my little corner of the Internet. (I nearly wrote "Internets" there, but that just drives me mad. Mad, I tell you!)

At any rate, this is my place to journal, blather, and ramble about whatever pops into my wee little head. The key thing to keep in mind as you browse about my place is that it is mostly the workings of my warped head. Things that have a subheading of something Tale have little grounding in reality. These are stories, fables, tales, that spring from my mind.

There are several kinds of Tale here. Track my Book Tales and you'll be keeping up with my reading list over the year. Each book I read seems to stir up the little people in my head and get them moving about. Sometimes, though, these people go out to eat: you'll see these adventures in the Restaurant Tales category.

At other times, I babble about things going on at work or along my commute (by bike, rail or car). Pretty much anything marked as a "Report" has a little more connection to reality than the Tales. Unmarked entries live somewhere in the middle.

Looking for a recommendation for where to start? My favorite book tale, I think, is this one about the Kristin Lavransdatter books.

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