Work Thoughts

I miss those heady days of the dot com bubble. Those were lucrative times. I've just received a notice for a job opening in the Federal Government with a salary equal to my current one. It used to be that if the government rate was higher than your commercial rate, you were not making enough.

Who knows any more?

Working as a consultant brings new challenges every day. It's interesting work because it's never the same thing for any length of time. I might spend six months working with a group of web developers then do two months with a bunch of electronic test equipment coders and follow up with some training gigs. It's often tiring, but rarely boring.

On the other hand, a government job offers a sense of stability that consulting doesn't. Imagine knowing that the ten mile bike ride was permanent.

On the other other hand, does working for the government imply support of that government's policies? Perhaps it depends on the office.

And on the other other other hand, government agencies do relocate from time-to-time, when some Congressional leader wants more work in his/her state.

On the other other other other hand, aren't the benefits supposed to be better in the government?

I need more hands.

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