DeLightful, DeLovely, DeLurking

A Plea

Well, I've just read over at The Little Professor that today is delurking day. So, anybody who has been lurking out there (reading this here blog without commenting), let us hear your thunderous voices.

Why do you keep coming back?

2 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Seth Shaw said...

Hello. My name is Seth Shaw, and I am a lurker. I recieve the updates to Swapping Tales through the RSS feed. Why do I keep reading? Aside from simply enjoying the content... I don't know. I find the postings very interesting and entertaining. I found this blog through LibraryThing and am glad I did.

As I step back into the cloak of annonymity now... I think I may someday step out again.

taleswapper said...

Hi, Seth! Well, I'm glad somebody's out there.

I hope that my messing with this site this week won't upset the RSS feed too much.