Enough is as Good as a Feast

A Daily Report

OK. That was fun, but I'm bored with the menu listings. I'm going to stop; ten days is enough. (Are enough?)

On my birthday, the Brunette surprised me with a picnic lunch. Most of the day was spent working, but I took a break at lunchtime to go down to the National Arboretum. It was lovely, let me tell you. We ate in the grove of state trees and wandered among the Bonsai and Penjing. Surprising January weather helped a bit, too.

The Arboretum is only 12 or 13 minutes away from home, so, except during rush hour, it's a quick jaunt in and out. I don't know why we haven't gone before. I'm looking forward to seeing the woods in leaf later in the year.

I also got quite a surprise when I pulled out the suits to try them on for the company party this Friday. They're all too big! So, we went suit shopping Monday night. I was proud to find I've dropped six inches in jacket and trouser size. Six inches. The diet is doing its job.

So, of course, to celebrate, we went to Cheesecake Factory for dessert.

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