Happy Hogmanay

A Daily Report

Welcome to the new year and a new feature here at Swapping Tales: in-depth food reporting. Yes, I'm sure you're all wildly interested in my food habits, but I thought it would be a good way to help me pay attention to what I'm eating. I hope this lasts through the month.

Whether this is for my health or to increase this journal's resemblence to Bridget Jones, only time will tell.

Now, that was a poorly constructed sentence, but I'm leaving it.

Last night, we went to see that Geisha movie at the AMC in Columbia (another gift card!) I don't think we were even 30 minutes into it before a man in the row behind us started snoring. And loudly. It's a wonder that the woman with him didn't grind her elbow all the way through to his opposite arm rest, but he went on for most of the movie.

Of course, I know why: There wasn't a single kung foo fight in the whole thing. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Geisha, my foot!

2 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Anonymous said...

Hey now, what about supporting our local theater? ;) We saw it at Old Greenbelt last week and enjoyed it (though the book was better, as usual)

-the chocolate chihuahua next door

taleswapper said...

Ok, note to self: no more derogatory comments about zombies.

We wrestled with our consciences long and hard over the local vs. amc issue. This is probably the first movie we've missed there since August. In the end, free won out over loyalty. Ah, well.

I liked the book a lot better. I kept having the icky feeling: "aw, those little girls are so cute...ugh, they're actually sex slaves..." It was easier to distance in the book.