It's a Silly Place

A Report

Well, we're off on Thursday for an overnight in New York to celebrate our tin anniversary. (I'm sure the Brunette would have been thrilled at the six-pack of National Bohemian I bought her, but I had to take them back: beer cans are made out of aluminum these days, not tin.) We're going to stop in at Spamalot while we're there. Rumor has it that Tim Curry is no longer in the production, but maybe if we hope hard enough, he'll come back for one last performance tomorrow.

We haven't worked out where to eat, yet. Recommendations are encouraged.

Our anniversary was actually last month, but it's difficult to celebrate in the midst of the holiday season. We've traditionally taken some small trip elsewhen to celebrate the best thing that ever happened to me. We did have lunch with the woman who married us to let her know that it seems to have stuck.

Speaking of which, we stopped by the house of our College Park friends to find that a year and a half later, their marriage seems to be sticking, too. Take that doubting clerk lady!

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