Happy St. Claude's Day

I glanced at our calendar of Parisian drunks this morning and noticed that today is St. Claude's Day. Now, I have no idea who Claude was, but I figure he has had a rough go of it, coming right after Valentine's Day and all.

Perhaps St. Claude's Day is your opportunity to make up for overlooking Valentine's Day because you were so intensely interested in the Olympic curling results. At lunch today, run over to the grocery store, buy one of those left-over (and probably discounted) bouquets. Tonight, when you see your sweetheart, say, "In honour of St. Claude's Day, my love -- the patron saint of making up and forgiveness and stuff." I'm sure your sweetie will look at you with a special look. It'll be up to you to interpret that look, of course, but I think you can safely assume that your dearest one will be thinking, "Boy, I've got a live one here."

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