A Volunteering Report

This is the bust of George Bernard Shaw. Originally, it was Chekov (the bust, of course, not GB himself). To us, though, he looks a bit like Don Quixote. There doesn't seem to be an obvious connection between any of these men and legibility, but there you go: temporary possession of this bust is your reward for providing the most easily-read forms when answering the telephones during WAMU's pledge drives.

Actually, I should say my reward. The reward also included a tiara, along with permanent possession of a mug, a luggage tag, some Post-It notes, a window sticker, and a CD of old-time radio shows. (Last year, it was chocolate, but I'm not complaining.)

I noticed that none of you called me, but that's okay. I understand there was some sort of sporting event going on last night -- football, maybe? Surely not so late as February? At any rate, calls were lower than normal, but Ed had enough fans to make his goals, I think. And we still enjoyed the opportunity to help out the station and meet strange interesting people (like the animated young woman at our table who told us about tofu that tastes like human flesh ("Don't you find cannibalism fascinating?")

And, hey, any time I get to wear a tiara it's gotta be a good time, right?

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