Betwixt and Between

So there seems to be some sort of fad going around regarding closely observing mundane things. I thought I'd give it a try. Oh, what joy I found!

For the whole of last week, I carefully carried out my little observational experiment. It was quite an arduous task made more difficult by my desire to keep my actions close to my vest. I knew from our good friend Heisenberg that I might have an effect on the thing observed if it knew I was observing it.

Or was that Goodall?

At any rate, this is the thing I noticed: Every single day last week, there were three stations between Greenbelt and Fort Totten.

You might be thinking that this was no interesting feat. Perhaps you could have done the same thing yourself. My response has two parts: (1) Well, you didn't, did ya? and (2) How long would you have spent on the thorny question of the definition of "between"?

Your answer to the eternal between problem probably says a lot about you. A sports fan might frame it thusly: are you tennis or football? I guess I've learned I'm football. Fort Totten cannot be between Greenbelt and Fort Totten any more than the Earth can put itself between the Earth and the Sun. If it could, we would all gather behind telescopes to watch Terrestrial Eclipses. (Of course, we'd be careful not to stare. Or swim within 30 minutes after it was over.)

It's also a lot like relationships, really. You can't really be the person that comes between you and your significant other. Only Raoul or Sharona from the gym can do that. Actually, I guess you can come between you and your significant other, but only if you have real problems.

1 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

i, squub said...

I haven't seen this trend anywhere. I'm sure you're making it up. There is no train. Trend. There is no trend, or train, and, furthermore, there are no stations between any station and any other station on any train. Which there is not.

Aside, from that, comma, you have reminded me to look at the flower that I have not watered. The second time, for the second time, today, I have been reminded of this. The first time I was on my way to 7-11 in my car to pick up a 2 liter of Pepsi for my wife, in my car, I was in my car on my way, when I thought about this flower. My mother sent it to my wife in the hospital. My mother was not, my wife was in the hospital and a flower arrived, from her, my mother. We don't have plants or flowers here because we can't remember to bother them, can't be bothered to water. Yet here now we have our baby and we water it.

Not the flower. I was watering it regularly for a week or two until my wife moved it out of the only suitable windowsill so that she could put there, instead, Christmas decorations. She moved it and I remember watering it once, to the back corner, the side, the side of the room where there isn't really any enough not enough there isn't enough light.

The flower, that is, I watered it once since. That was weeks ago. I haven't even thought about it until today, and now twice. But before I thought about it then forgot that I'd needed to check it, and now I am doing this and still, probably, something will interfere, I will not remember. Before I probably forgot after finding something else to think about at the 7-11. Not about the 2 liter, that was not it. I could do that with my hands closed and my eyes behind my back.

Please water my flower I fear it will die.

I apologize if this is not verbose.