Blame it on Oblomov

A Weather Report

This weather has gotten me into a funk. Cold and snowy, I could like. Warm and rainy, I could deal with. But cold and rainy is awfully depressing for this time of the year.

It might also be this head cold that I have been battling off and on for months. Just when I think I've recovered, I get another bought of raw throat or coughing.

On the other hand, this morning I noticed a lot of other folks on the Metro shuffling around like shell-shocked survivors of some catastrophe, moping through the motions of returning to regular life after some kind of titanic disruption. Perhaps the holiday season is much like a volcanic eruption or earthquake that we do to ourselves every year and spend a few weeks picking up our pieces and trying to reassemble normality.

Or just maybe I shouldn't be reading Russian novels in the winter.

2 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

i, squub said...

Hey there. I agree, this weather is not best for the season.

Another thing -- I'm not entirely digging the new blog template. I maybe shouldn't be critical here like this, you certainly didn't ask for comments about it. But I've been coming by for the past few weeks thinking it was just a temporary flark or something. Mainly it's the title texts overhanging into the gray left margin. Looks weird-y and screw-er-y.

Just trying to hopefully be helpful during this dreary, dismal Christmas season.

taleswapper said...

Feedback is always welcomed!

Oh, man you don't like the template? I was trying to make it so I could scan down the left column to pick out titles quickly, but I guess the colors are a little too close.