EoY Cleaning House

Well, since I can't actually go home and clean, I guess I'll muck with the blog while I wait for testers to test and developers to develop.

I've switched over to the new Blogger template method of mucking with design. It starts off as easier than the old html method, but if you know any html (and I'm not saying I do), it quickly becomes a pain because I just want to do X and it doesn't let me!.

Interestingly, it also seems to have removed all of the tags inside my posts, so there aren't any line breaks.

4 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

taleswapper said...

Hmm. not all of them. It took the em tags and one of the p tags but not the other.

taleswapper said...

dang. it doesn't like my [/p] tags without a leading [p] tag.

html zombie said...

Perhaps a stupid questions, but have you tried using BR tags?

taleswapper said...

Yeah, those are good for the close together lines. I think my problem is that I had a habit of using slash p (</p>) instead of just p (<p>). So, now I'm going through all my old posts and fixing that. I hope I just picked up the habit recently.

I also have to make sure I put in styles for weird div classes I put everywhere.